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The European sustainable CDMO that cares about you

Values and mission

Expertise, flexibility, proximity and a European Culture


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Eco-Friendly Offer with modern and ecological installations


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Create innovative natural health products

Our Positioning

The European sustainable CDMO that cares about you, your product innovations and consumers’health.

Our Conviction

At Naturacare, we are convinced that innovation in today’s natural health, wellness and beauty market takes place at every stage of a product’s life cycle.

We are also convinced that innovation is synonymous with quality, and that it is essential today to design products that combine safety, pleasure and efficacy.

We also believe that innovation means sustainability, and that it is necessary to design products that take care of people, but also of the ecosystems that surround us. Nature and life have become priorities for humans.

This is why, as a partner of the players in the sector, from R&D to packaging and manufacturing, we, as a manufacturer, have a key role to play in accompanying our customers in their evolution.

Our Values


Unique and complementary expertise of 3 recognized companies to create a synergy to better server our clients. Expert teams dedicated to your projects with follow-up from the beginning to the end of the project.


A personalized solution for each customer, whatever the size of your business. A wide range of application types, galenics, formulations and services.


A long-term partner close to you geographically. A group of companies on a human scale with employees committed to you and your products. A dedicated contact for each customer, for a personal support.

European Culture

A group established in 3 countries with a strong multicultural background. Simplified local-sourcing and know-how with contacts developed in each country.

Our Mission

Born from the merger of renowned players with complementary know-how, Naturacare is a European group that puts its expertise at the service of food supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

We are here to help them create value through innovation, by designing and manufacturing effective, safe, tasty and as eco-friendly as possible natural health products.

Why partnering with our group?

Full-service offering

  • Sourcing of ingredients
  • Formulation
  • Stability study
  • Regulatory
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Supply chain management
  • Portfolio strategy


Innovation capabilities

  • Co-development
  • Flavoring
  • Tests (stability, moisture,
    density, particle size)
  • Eco-conception
  • Packaging
  • In-house private label offering
  • Clinical studies


One-stop-shop offering

  • Full range of ingredients, galenic forms and packaging


European presence

  • Short lead times, proximity and flexibility


Our Latest Innovations


A synergy of ideas and know-hows between three complementary companies

We have European expertise and knowledge in the natural health products market and expert teams in high potential markets: sports nutrition, feed, petfood, aromatherapy, probiotics… Our three production sites with their complementary technologies are in France, Belgium and Netherlands.

Innovative Offer

A wide range of innovative galenics and ingredients to make you different from competitors

We provide innovative galenics: chew-gums, liquid capsules, capdrinks and chewable tablets. We supply branded and clinically proven Ingredient but also ingredients trends monitoring.


Co-generator of innovative product concepts

We accompany you in the ideas’ generation through brainstorming facilitation with your teams and we even organize innovation sessions: dedicated inter-company time to create new product concepts. Moreover, we can propose original and new formulations.


Historical recognized expertise in flavoring

Our expert team dedicated to flavoring enable to meet the consumers expectations of flavors. Indeed, many of our products are flavored and most of all we deliver rapid specific developments.

Tailor Made

Proposal of tailor-made flavors

We develop and manufacture customized flavors according to your needs.


Lifestyle and nomadic galenics to optimize compliance

Our galenics, which are carriable easily, are tiny liquid forms, chewing-gums and Cap drinks.



A guaranteed natural origin on part of our offer

We provide natural and organic ingredients, various galenics: Pullulan capsules, natural and biodegradable chew-gums and a wide range of natural flavors.

Eco-Friendly Offer

A wide offer of green products, from raw materials to packaging

Our solutions to help you to make the difference on the environment:

  • Green packs: aluminum packs for dry cosmetics, doypacks, biosourced packaging, kraft jar,
  • Green materials: compostable materials, FSC cardboards, ImprimVert, water-based inks
  • Standardized ingredients: concentrated ingredients, limiting the use of raw material
  • Creation of sustainable stakeholders in the plant, like French organic beet, plants from the Loire region


Offices and industrial sites with modern and ecological installations

Our efforts to care about our planet:

  • Energy saving with solar panels and LED lighting in the factory & offices
  • Waste management, biodegradable products
  • Numerous labels allowing us to eco-concept your products: Ecocert certification, Fair for life certification & ISO 14000 by the end of 2022

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Pharmaceutical Company

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