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Our Markets

With several decades of experience, the Naturacare group is dedicated, thanks to the experience of these 3 entities, to the design, production and packaging of food supplements promoting the improvement of human and animal health. The choice of ingredients selected thanks to their scientifically proven effectiveness, the millennial tradition of certain peoples, the quality of controls at the entry and exit of the products allow us to ensure optimal quality to offer innovative finished products.

More than 1,500 materials selected from plants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, probiotic strains, enzymes and other substances allow us to consider very broad, state-of-the-art formula solutions for our customers.

The human health market

We offer solutions to support our customers for the marketing of natural health products promoting a preventive approach to support the health capital of different categories of the human population.

The scientific collaboration developed since always with the scientific actors emanating from the university circles, the health nutrition, the medical world, in connection with our partners lab customers and upstream suppliers have made it possible to constitute an internal knowledge base at the service of marketers.


By extension of our expertise, we offer original and proven solutions to support the development of nutritional supplements for pets. Mainly dogs, cats, horses. Our desire is to support the players already present on the animal nutrition market with varied formulations and galenics, experienced and tested on these animals. Backed by experience in palatability, the specificity of different breeds in conjunction with veterinarians and animal owners, the group provides a new original solution to develop this market segment.

The cosmetics market

Faced with the new expectations of consumers committed to respecting and protecting the environment, the search for naturalness, the group has developed new cosmetic solutions (toothpaste, shampoos, etc.) in clean-label without preservatives in the form of which is part of the slow-cosmetic trend.

Our Expertise

In addition to the experience acquired over more than 40 years on the most appropriate solutions to address the food supplements market, we have developed specific expertise to better address natural health products in a logic of multi-channel development.

Our historical know-how on probiotics resulting from the mastery of preservation, production and formulation processes with a dedicated scientific team is a unique added value to improve the availability of BtoC customers to develop new ranges & innovative galenics on the probite segment.

Pioneer in the certification of shaping for many years of organic food supplements in the various entities of the group, the knowledge and control of the supply of ingredients (plants, essential oils, seaweed, etc.) of certified organic origin, we offer fair and ethical organic solutions by sourcing Fair For Life materials.

Within our 3 internal laboratories and by collaborating with external experts in flavoring, we have developed group expertise on the flavoring of different galenics for different target markets. Experienced on drinkable liquid solutions, essential oils, chewing gum and effervescents, powder solutions to be mixed with water in stick form, our teams have developed real know-how via protocols and numerous flavors available suitable for different targets and technical constraints.

  • We also offer new innovative galenics in line with new market expectations and trends.
  • We offer Cap Drink (patented galenic). A cap that screws onto a bottle or gourd to release a powder flavored with active ingredients creating an instant mix
  • We offer bi-layer tablets to separate and protect the ingredients in the tablet in a logic of delayed release.
  • We offer liquid caps (hard capsule with oily liquid sealed with band.)
  • We also offer gummies to combine pleasure and health contribution.

Our laboratory has a dedicated team to study and develop innovative packaging solutions either related to materials (biodegradable cardboard, glass, stainless steel) or design (new forms, packs, display), in the form of pillboxes, Doypacks, d eco-friendly case…

In a logic of upstream support for projects in a strategic logic, the project teams can set up a process of ideation, analysis of consumer trends, ingredients, sectors to better anticipate the needs or orientations of the future.

Liquid Capsules Food Supplement

We Provide
Innovative Solutions

  • Hedelab is a leading Belgian full-service CDMO with 45 years of experience
  • Strong expertise in capsules, tablets, sticks, Cap Drinks and liquid solutions.
  • Hedelab has a strong experience in R&D, with specificities in probiotics, aromatization and pet food
  • Joined the Group in May 2021
  • Ambi Pack is a sizeable CDMO based in the greater Rotterdam Area for more than 22 years 
  • Strong expertise in capsules, blisters, sachets, liquid capsules, medical devices and GMP
  • Ambi Pack has a significant capacity with a strong industrial culture. 
  • Joined the Group in April 2022.
  • Strapharm is a leading French (CDMO) in food supplements with 30 years of experience
  • Strong expertise in dry galenic forms with a focus on tablets, capsules, powders, chewing gum and effervescent
  • Strapharm has a strong experience in R&D and high-quality products using organic and natural ingredients
  • Joined the Group in October 2019.
  • Dietopack Pack is a sizeable CDMO based in the city of Modena for more than 24 years
  • Strong expertise in human and pet care, in capsules, sachets, liquid and powder stick, hard capsules, shot, tablets, coated tablets packed in Blisters, pill jars, bottles and cases and medical devices.

  • Dietopack has a significant capacity in a wide range of product types with a strong industrial culture.
  • Joined the Group in 2023

European Presence

A group of 175 employees, 15,000 m2 and a strategic presence across the Benelux and France region

Exports to more than 40 countries worldwide (incl. North America, EMEA and Far East Asia)

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What’s in it for you?

Acceleration of business development, also thanks to our private label catalogue

Access to Medical Devices & GMP grades

Broad experience in 100% natural and organic

Differentiated expertise in specific segments (probiotics, women’s health, allergy, CBD, etc.) and galenic forms (effervescent tablets, chewing gums, liquid caps, Cap Drinks, etc.)

Back-up sites and production capabilities (capsules / tablets / sachets), as well as ingredient sourcing capabilities

International presence – knowledge of local market specifics